Head On Collisions

Is if possible to avoid a head-on collision?

August 4, 2021


Car Accidents

Head On Collisions

All kinds of motor vehicle accidents bring the potential for severe injuries and even fatalities. Likely, the accident a great many Illinois drivers fear is a head-on collision since the chances for fatalities are significant in such crashes. Drivers may take additional precautions when traveling on single-lane highways. Sometimes, awareness and defensive driving could help […]

Should you try to avoid a crash by leaving your lane?

October 29, 2020

Head On Collisions

Your instincts may tell you to swerve out of your lane to avoid an accident. For instance, imagine that you’re driving down the highway in Illinois when another car blows out a tire ahead of you. Worried that you’re going to rear-end the now-disabled car as it slows down rapidly, you swerve to the left […]