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Posts tagged "Truck Accidents"

Prescription drugs to blame for truck accidents

Truck drivers are some of the most experienced and skilled drivers in the United States. However, unfortunately truck accidents still happen, and they can be some of the most devastating incidents, claiming more lives due to the sheer force of the vehicle.

Driver of 18-wheeler who killed four in November is identified

On November 21, two days before Thanksgiving, four young people lost their lives in an auto accident. The accident occurred in Hamel on Interstate 55. A tractor-trailer semi crashed into several vehicles that were either going at a very slow speed or had come to a full halt in a construction zone.

Chain reaction truck accident in Illinois leaves 2 injured

A seemingly out of control big rig truck is the stuff of nightmares. In most cases, these types of truck accidents only happen in bad weather, but a recent crash in Mt. Vernon reveals that such accidents can take place anywhere and at anytime.

Preventing tiredness at the wheel

Driving requires a large amount of concentration, especially when operating a large truck and driving long distances. It's a common issue, but it can be largely ignored as something that is the cause of countless deaths each year. It has been reported that in up to one-quarter of all highway vehicle accidents, driver fatigue played a significant role.

Negligent truck accidents in Illinois: Does the punishment fit?

We have noticed a trend in stories published through Illinois news sources. There are a disturbing number of reports detailing possibly negligent truck accidents. In fact, we have included many of these reports in our legal blog. While the truck accidents themselves are tragic, we have also been paying attention to the immediate aftermath of these accidents.

Negligent truck accidents affect your health, vitality and life

You have probably heard the following sentence a thousand times, but we believe common sense sometimes bears repetition very well. When a massive semitruck loaded with heavy cargo collides with a smaller personal vehicle, the results can be catastrophic.

Truck driver inattention and negligence can cause an accident

There is no denying the fact that most trucker drivers are professionals. In other words, they do whatever it takes to remain safe at all times. Along with this, they have training that allows them to properly deal with any dangerous situation that may arise.

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