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Injuries caused by recent truck accident in Illinois

The rules of the road are designed to keep Illinois drivers safe. However, this only works if drivers actually obey the rules of the road. Failure to do so can cause confusion due to a driver's unexpected actions and maneuvers. This can result in a car or truck accident which can cause injuries or even prove to be fatal.

3 die in fatal truck accident in Illinois

The rules of the road are designed to protect motorists from injury and death. They are also designed to protect pedestrians. Unfortunately, it seems that one truck driver may have failed to adhere to the rules of the road in a recent truck accident in Illinois. The incident resulted in the death of three pedestrians -- a mother and her two children.

Proposed Illinois law ups penalty for negligent truck driver

Laws are intended to keep everybody in society safe. One way that laws do this is by setting punishments for those who break the laws. Illinois lawmakers are attempting to increase penalties in order to better protect first responders and pedestrians from suffering injuries due to a negligent truck driver.

Woman dies and 2 others injured in truck accident in Illinois

Not only do drivers have to look out for other vehicles on the road, they often have to be wary of extreme weather conditions. The chances of a vehicle accident are higher when the roads are wet or slippery due to either snow, ice or rain. This may have been one of the factors in a recent truck accident in Illinois.

Truck accident involves two semi-trucks in Illinois

Although there is always risk involved when on the road, some vehicles may have an increased risk of a crash. Larger vehicles, such as semi-trucks, are more difficult to maneuver, which could make them more likely to experience crashes in some instances. Also, the increased mass of a larger vehicle can make a collision particularly destructive and dangerous. This was proved to be true in a recent truck accident in Illinois that resulted in a fatality.

Illinois truck accident seriously injures woman

In December, people in Illinois may have noticed an increase in the number of UPS trucks on the roads as the company attempted to deliver packages before the holidays. Unfortunately, the rush to deliver packages in time could lead to a serious truck accident.  For example, one woman recently suffered serious injuries after allegedly being struck by a UPS truck.

Alleged drunk truck driver causes 2 deaths in Illinois

It is important for drivers to be completely aware when on the road. This means taking action to ensure that a person is completely rested and fully aware. It also means that one should avoid certain actions, such as drinking before sitting behind the steering wheel of a vehicle. Unfortunately, one allegedly drunk truck driver may have failed to do this in a recent truck accident in Illinois.

Teen dies in fatal truck accident in Illinois

Every human being has a certain amount of potential. It is unfortunate, however, when a person's potential is cut short at a young age. Unfortunately, this is what recently happened to a 19-year-old young man who lost his life in a truck accident in Illinois.

Slow speed may have caused truck accident in Illinois

Drivers should always be mindful of their speed when driving on the road, especially when driving on interstate highways where, in most cases, drivers end up driving too fast. However, there are other times when a motorist will drive too slowly, which can also result in a collision. This is what appears to have happened in a recent truck accident in Illinois.

Teenager dies in fatal truck accident in Illinois

In life there are many things over which one has no control. The weather is definitely one of the things that cannot be controlled. Unfortunately, this factor can play a role in causing accidents while on the road. This seems to have been what happened in a recent fatal truck accident in Illinois.

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