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Are the 'typical bad drivers' really so bad?

No doubt you have heard someone make a stereotypical comment about another driver. One of the most common examples is the way that people sometimes make jokes about women being worse drivers than men. Another example is when people accuse Asian drivers of being more dangerous than drivers of other ethnic backgrounds.

How to cope with phantom limb pain

When an auto accident or other catastrophic event causes the loss of a limb to amputation, physical and psychological recovery take a long time. The patient must deal with not only the initial trauma, but also with the necessity of adapting to his or her “new normal” that usually includes learning how to perform tasks and functions with a prosthesis. In addition, US News reports that as many as 95% of amputees suffer from phantom limb pain. This phenomenon gets its name from the fact that the pain seems to come from the limb that the patient no longer has.

Who pays for your Uber injuries?

When you engage the services of an Uber driver, saving money likely forms your major consideration. After all, you almost always pay less for Uber than you do for a taxi service. But you also expect to enjoy a safe ride. And if the worst happens and you sustain injuries in an accident, you expect that Uber will pay for your medical and other costs.

Do bike lanes actually serve their intended purpose?

As a bicycle enthusiast, you likely make it a point to ride in bike lanes wherever your town, city or county provides them. After all, these painted strips and symbols clearly designate the lane for bike usage only and therefore protect you. Don’t they?

How much is your pain and suffering worth?

When you sustain injuries due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing, such as in a car crash that someone else caused, you can sue that person for personal injury. FindLaw explains that if you prevail in your lawsuit, the judge or jury will award you both economic and noneconomic damages. Pain and suffering represents one of your noneconomic damages.

Could a car crash leave you blind?

If you are like most people, you probably fear blindness above all other disabilities. In this visual world in which we all live, your eyes provide you with the vast majority of the ways you experience and navigate it. Losing your ability to see would therefore represent a catastrophic loss.

What are the worst times to drive?

Unfortunately, we are in the dead of winter when the days are shorter, the nights are longer, Daylight Saving Time has ended, snow and ice represent an ever-present threat, and driving becomes even more dangerous than usual. The National Safety Council warns that all of these factors taken together make nighttime winter driving hazardous at best.

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