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Posts tagged "Dog Bites and Animal Attacks"

Dog bite injuries can lead to serious infection

We think of dogs as lovable, happy animals, so it can be difficult to picture them causing serious injury. However, an estimated 4.7 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year, and approximately half of them are reportedly small children.

Filing a personal injury claim following a dog bite

Even the most mild-mannered dog may be capable of biting a person, depending on the circumstances. If you have been bitten by a dog, it may be in your best interest to consider filing a lawsuit against the owner of the dog responsible for your injuries. You may be able to negotiate a settlement with the liable dog owner before having to go to court. However, in some cases, a deal may not be reached and you will need to take your claim to civil court.

Confronting emotional support animals in public spaces

Not long ago a national news story may have come to the attention of Peoria residents regarding serious injuries sustained by a 5-year-old girl. The child was at the airport with her mother and preparing for her flight when she was attacked by an emotional support dog being handled by another airport patron. The pit bull was not in a carrier per the regulations of the airport and was not properly managed by its handler.

Does the "one bite rule" apply in Illinois?

A dog bite or animal attack can be a serious and painful event for a Peoria resident. Even if their incident is relatively minor a person may end up visiting their doctor so they can be evaluated for illness or latent injuries. After experiencing such an incident, a victim may wonder what rights and options they have for being compensated for their losses.

Protect your health and rights after a dog bite attack

Most canine pets are loyal, kind members of Illinois residents' families. Whether they are big or small, active or peaceful, dogs can enrich the lives of the people who own them. When dog owners act responsibly and take proper care to manage and train their pets, those pets can interact without incident with others. However, some pets are not given the support they need by their owners and can lash out when they are startled, provoked, or otherwise confronted with strangers.

Can I get rabies from a dog bite?

Just as most people choose to stay up to date on their vaccinations, so too do most pet owners take care of their animals' required shots. In Illinois, domestic dogs are required to have rabies vaccinations to prevent them from developing the dangerous and life-threatening disease. Unlike some illnesses that canines carry, rabies can be transmitted from dogs to humans through saliva and bites.

Provocation and trespassing can affect victims' dog bite cases

Illinois courts apply a strict liability standard in almost all dog bite and animal attack cases. That means that a dog owner is liable for any harm that their dog causes, regardless of whether the owner had any reason to know that the dog was potentially dangerous or prone to biting. However, there are two exceptions that may derail a victim's path to recovery under this theory of law: provocation and trespassing.

Ways to prevent dog bites

A dog bite can be a painful experience that may leave a victim bleeding, disfigured and with the threat of a transmitted disease. Illinois residents who are unlucky enough to experience a dog bite may have to seek medical treatment, and, depending upon the severity of the harm, they may have to endure surgeries, hospitalizations and vaccination therapies just to start down the road to recovery. It is, therefore, to a person's benefit to understand how to avoid and prevent these potentially dangerous encounters with dogs.

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