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What dangers do jackknifing trucks pose

Of all the dangerous situations you can encounter while driving, a jackknifing truck perhaps represents one of the most potentially devastating. Why? Because once a truck begins jackknifing, its driver has no control over it whatsoever. Regardless of his or her over-the-road driving experience, (s)he cannot control what the truck will do or where it will end up once the inevitable crash occurs.

A truck accident injury can be life-changing

No one ever thinks they will be the one to be involved in a serious accident. Accidents that involve bodily harm always seems like something that happens to other people. But, these instances oftentimes happen so suddenly, so unexpectedly, that the injured victim and loved ones aren't even sure how to react.

What causes truck accidents?

Truck accidents in Illinois can occur for a number of different reasons. In some cases, a truck driver's negligent or passenger vehicle driver's negligent actions cause the accident. In other cases, the trucking company that owns the truck and employs the driver is responsible for the accident by failing to adhere to state and federal trucking regulations. In fact, many truck accidents are caused by both negligent drivers and negligent trucking companies. Victims of truck accidents can file lawsuits against these negligent parties and recover damages for their medical expenses and other accident-related costs.

Semi slams into stopped vehicles, leaving 3 dead and 6 injured

Semitrailer truck are common sights on the nation's highways. They provide an efficient means of moving freight, but they can also become a destructive hazard if their drivers lose control or fail to pay attention to traffic conditions. The recent failure of a semitrailer driver to reduce his speed caused a serious chain reaction car-truck accident in Southern Illinois.

Truck hits tractor, killing driver

As the farming season enters its peak, more and more farm vehicles are operating on county and state highways. Some farm vehicles, such as trucks and livestock trailers, can match the high speeds of other vehicles on these roads and not create much of a hazard. Many farm vehicles, such as cultivators and tractors, are designed only for slow speeds, and they create the potential for collisions with faster moving vehicles. A recent truck accident in McDonough County demonstrates how this speed differential can become deadly.

What are hours of service regulations for truck drivers?

When driving down an Illinois freeway, a reader of this blog may have seen this scary sight: a massive truck barreling down the road and weaving from lane to lane as though its driver had lost control of it. Big trucks can be tough to maneuver, but the cause of swerving trucks is often one that is completely preventable. Fatigue affects truck drivers when they do not take enough breaks during their driving days and abide by the hours of service regulations that govern their actions.

Truck accident fatality leads to civil litigation

A head-on collision between a bus and a semi-truck claimed two lives in Illinois on an early December day in 2018. The driver of the truck and a passenger on the bus involved in the accident lost their lives, and other passengers on the bus suffered injuries that required medical attention. Just recently, the widow of the bus victim who died in the crash filed a lawsuit claiming losses for his wrongful death.

Distracted driving can be a cause of truck accidents

Truck drivers spend days on the open road. Mile after mile, state after state, they must stay alert to avoid collisions with other motor vehicles and to prevent themselves from becoming unsafe through exhaustion or distraction. In Illinois and throughout the country, truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers are prohibited from using cellphones and other electronic devices that can take their eyes off the roads while they drive.

Protect your rights after a serious truck collision

Vehicle collisions on Illinois highways can be deadly and can change the course of Peoria residents' lives. They may deprive individuals of their loved ones, cause serious physical injuries, and inflict emotional trauma and pain and those who survive their ordeals. When a collision occurs between a personal vehicle and a large commercial truck, the damages imparted on the victims can be even more significant due to the massive size of the truck.

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