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Woman dies in tragic auto accident in Illinois

A vehicle does not necessarily have to be moving for the driver of the vehicle to be injured or even killed in a crash. Some people are injured or killed while their vehicle is parked. This is exactly what happened in a recent fatal auto accident in Illinois.

Auto accident kills 2 teens in Illinois

Experience counts for something. This is true for many aspects in life, especially when it comes to driving a motor vehicle. Younger drivers tend to have a higher chance of having an accident due to their limited time spent behind the wheel. Tragically, this may have played a role in the deaths of two teenagers in a recent auto accident in Illinois.

Illinois auto accident leaves 1 person dead

Each day, thousands of Illinois residents travel along its interstate system. These roads are shared by small cars, midsize sedans, SUVs, pick-up trucks and semi-trucks. While some drivers adhere to the posted speed limit, others choose to drive either below or above this speed limit. When a driver does choose to drive in excess of the speed limit, the possibility of a serious auto accident also escalates.

Fatal Illinois auto accident kills 3, injures 1

Several Illinois families are reeling this week after a terrible crash that killed three people and injured a fourth. Coming to terms with the sudden loss of a loved one is difficult, especially when that loss may have been preventable. As police continue to investigate this fatal auto accident, those affected will wait to learn whether this crash could have been avoided. Until then, they are likely focused on making the final arrangements for their loved ones, and beginning to adjust to the day-today details of their loss.

1 injured, 1 killed in Illinois auto accident

Understandably, most young people feel as though they have many more years ahead of them. They look forward to going to college, claiming their dream jobs and even starting their own families one day. Sometimes, however, their lives are cut short and their dreams snuffed out due to another party's mistake behind the wheel. In other tragedies, a young person could sustain serious injuries that end up incapacitated. Driving while distracted or speeding, for example, can easily lead to an auto accident that causes major injuries or death in Illinois.

Drivers may be more prone to pedestrian accidents in winter

By now, even readers that forgot to set their clocks back for daylight saving time will have adjusted to the new schedule. However, a recent article questions that it make take more time for drivers to employ the extra safety precautions needed for this time of year.

New technology may warn drivers of fatigue

Although drivers may not always feel their best, it is expected that individuals have a minimum level of concentration when they get behind the wheel. Whether the time of day is in the early morning or late evening, drivers owe a duty of care to other motorists on the road.

Hands-free technology may not solve distracted driving problem

Former Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood hasn’t quit thinking about safe driving issues and policy matters, if a recent interview is any indication. Once again, he characterized smartphone use behind the wheel as an epidemic and called for a multi-faceted response.

Illinois governor signs drunk boating bill into law

In the summer months, chances are that many Chicago residents will pay a visit to Lake Michigan. Boating, sailing, paddleboats and simply walking along the short are examples of some of the more favorite activities around this landmark.

Illinois lawmakers consider issue of underinsured motorists

A motor vehicle accident caused by another driver’s negligence can be a difficult ordeal. In addition to dealing with insurance claims, a victim may have to consider filing a personal injury lawsuit in order to obtain enough compensation to cover property damage, medical bills and expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

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