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Woman dies in tragic auto accident in Illinois

A vehicle does not necessarily have to be moving for the driver of the vehicle to be injured or even killed in a crash. Some people are injured or killed while their vehicle is parked. This is exactly what happened in a recent fatal auto accident in Illinois.

Weather may have contributed to car accident in Illinois

There are some things in life a person cannot control. One of these things is the weather. Adverse weather conditions, such as snow, ice or heavy rain, can be particularly problematic while on the road. It seems that extreme weather may have contributed to causing a recent car accident in Illinois.

Woman dies, another injured in car accident in Illinois

Following the rules of the road can save lives. One of the most important rules for motorists is to maintain one's lane. Not adhering to this law can be quite dangerous and can result in a serious accident. Unfortunately, this is apparently what happened during a recent car accident in Illinois.

Illinois woman left paralyzed after drunk driving car accident

Many motorists are aware that it's not safe to drink and drive. An Illinois woman and her friends were injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver earlier this year. One of those involved in the accident died, while the woman is confined to a wheelchair.

Fifth death in Illinois accident by alleged negligent driver

An individual involved in a serious car accident potentially faces a lifetime of recovering from the injuries suffered. These accidents are often the result of a negligent driver. A recent Illinois accident led to the death of five individuals.

Witness believes speed a factor in fatal Illinois car accident

Recently, a single car accident occurred on Illinois State Highway 109. A witness believes the driver of that car was speeding since the vehicle quickly left his line of sight. When the vehicle he was in came upon the car accident, it was clear that both the driver and passenger were injured.

Illinois car accident left 1, 2 injured dead in Adams County

Driving safely may be the most important thing a motorist can do in order to avoid a car accident. However, even if a person drives with alertness, sometimes the unexpected happens. Recently in Illinois, a car accident left one dead and two injured.

Texting and driving still a problem on Illinois roadways

In Illinois, texting and driving is a concerning issue on roadways, as well as everywhere else in the country. At the beginning of this calendar year, texting and driving was made an illegal activity in the state, yet it continues to be a problem for law enforcement. One of the main complaints voiced is that people are continuing to talk on the phone and text while driving through construction or school zones.

Distracted driver at fault for crash with Illinois school bus?

Distracted driving is a significant cause of accidents around the country and here in Illinois. For example, in the seconds that a distracted driver sends a text message or answers a cell phone, the traffic situation can change dramatically. When being distracted is accompanied by a mechanical difficulty, such as failing brakes, a wreck is certainly possible.

Illinois car accident kills 1 and injures 4

Driving a vehicle can be an enjoyable event for anyone who has a license. However, if a driver is speeding and not paying attention to his or her surroundings, a pleasant drive can turn into a dangerous situation. In some tragic incidents, motorists can be seriously harmed or killed. Sadly, a recent Illinois car accident has left one dead and four injured.

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