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Illinois woman left paralyzed after drunk driving car accident

Many motorists are aware that it's not safe to drink and drive. An Illinois woman and her friends were injured in a car accident involving a drunk driver earlier this year. One of those involved in the accident died, while the woman is confined to a wheelchair.

Charges result from Illinois drunk driving car accident

When drunk drivers get behind the wheel of a car, everyone within their vicinities can be in danger. Sadly, many pedestrians often become victims to an intoxicated driver's actions. Severe to fatal injuries can often occur as a result of these incidents. A recent drunk driving car accident in Illinois has left five injured.

Illinois car accident injures adult and children

Automobile drivers will most likely be spending more time sightseeing around town enjoying the warm weather since spring is here. This is a time of the year when some drivers may not keep their full focus on the road. Unfortunately, some people take the risk of drinking and driving. Regardless of any circumstances, a person must be as careful as possible while driving. A recent car accident in Illinois has left one adult and multiple children injured.

Illinois car accident injures 4 -- was driver drunk?

When traffic accidents occur, the effects do not just hurt the people who are involved in the crash, but it can emotionally hurt the victim's family members. These accidents can be caused by different situations, including driver distractions and intoxication. The damage of this nature is always severe, no matter the cause. Unfortunately, an Illinois car accident injured four people recently, and police say a drunk driver caused the tragedy.

Illinois car accident: Pedestrian killed, driver jailed

There have been many people who have been killed by reckless behavior. Unfortunately, drunk drivers continue to risk the well-being of others by illegally driving under the influence. Drinking and driving can bring life changing events in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened in a fatal car accident in Illinois. The accident has left one woman dead and a man in jail without bond.

Illinois car accident injures 8 people in Chicago

Driving drunk is something so dangerous and reckless that it puts the driver as well as anyone else nearby at risk of being injured. This kind of impairment to one's abilities is often such that it impacts the focus and coordination of the driver. Unfortunately, there are far too many car accidents caused by a drunk driver. Sadly, five adults and three children in Illinois were recently in a car accident that resulted in serious injuries.

2 mothers dead after drunk driver rear-ended their vehicle

Losing a parent at a young age is a tragedy under any circumstances. Sadly, an early morning accident left two Illinois families without their mothers. A drunk driver and a stalled vehicle were reportedly the two main components in the deadly Interstate wreck.

Federal agency gathers driver safety data at voluntary stops

With the high velocities on Illinois highways, some element of risk may be unavailable in motor vehicle travel. When a car accident is the result of negligent drinking and driving, however, the tragedy may seem unforgivable.

Memorial honors police officer killed in drunk driving accident

The memorial service for the victim of an alleged drunk driving accident was recently held in Pontiac, Illinois. However, this was no ordinary service. The victim, a 29-year-old police officer, was honored alongside his canine partner, was part of the local K-9 police unit.

Illinois governor signs drunk boating bill into law

In the summer months, chances are that many Chicago residents will pay a visit to Lake Michigan. Boating, sailing, paddleboats and simply walking along the short are examples of some of the more favorite activities around this landmark.

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