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Posts tagged "negligence"

Wife sues for hospital negligence after husband's brain damage

Medical professionals should always carefully monitor the vital signs and conditions of patients. This allows doctors and hospital staff to detect any potential problems or issues arising during a patient's treatment in Illinois. Failure to do so may cause serious injuries and complications for patients. This seems to have been what happened to one man, in Madison County, resulting in a hospital negligence case.

Doctor faces two medical malpractice lawsuits

There are some medical doctors who consistently do a good job in treating their patients. However, there are other doctors in Illinois and other states who seem to be more prone to making mistakes for one reason or another. One doctor, who has recently found himself in legal troubles, may be one of these types of doctors. This doctor recently found himself named as a defendant in two medical malpractice lawsuits.

Medical malpractice and legal remedies, what are my options?

The majority of Illinois resident will require medical assistance at some point in their lifetime. Regardless of how minor or major the medical issue may be, patients depend on medical staff to carry out diagnosis, procedures or treatments free of error. It is an unfortunate reality that medical mistakes are made and patients suffer as a result. If negligence is believed to have contributed to a medical mistake, a medical malpractice claim -- among others -- may be an appropriate legal remedy.

Payments for medical malpractice increases slightly

Everybody makes mistakes; people are only human after all. However, there are times when mistakes can cause more serious consequences than in other instances, in Illinois or in another state. This is clearly the case in the medical field where medical malpractice can result in serious injury or even death.

Doctor suspended for alleged medical professional negligence

Medical doctors have a legal obligation to look out for the health of their patients. Failure to do so may cause health hazards for patients as well as legal problems for the doctor, in Illinois or any other state. Unfortunately, it seems that one doctor may have failed to follow this legal obligation, resulting in the death of a patient. The doctor is now facing disciplinary action from the medical board regarding this case of apparent medical professional negligence.

Illinois van driver loses control, injures passengers

Illinois readers might know that commercial vehicle and mass transit operators are subject to additional regulations, compared to other motor vehicle drivers. Since such individuals are charged with the safe transport of large groups of passengers, they need special licensing and may also be subject to additional training or safety checks.

Illinois bus accident possibly due to running red light

School bus crashes are among the most troubling kind of accidents to read about, even for Illinois readers who are not parents. Perhaps the reason is evolutionary, attributable to a shared instinct among adults to protect younger generations. Perhaps especially young school children are more easily seen as defenseless, or potential victims. Whatever the reason, almost no one wants tragedy to befall children whose futures are still ahead of them.

Elderly driver causes two-car Illinois crash

A personal injury lawsuit usually arises in the context of a negligence claim brought by an injured driver against another driver alleged to be at fault for causing a crash. The other driver may have violated a traffic rule, been fatigued or distracted, or possibly under the influence of alcohol or drugs -- prescription or otherwise. In today's story, however, an elderly Illinois man traveling with his wife is believed to be the cause of a two-vehicle crash that ended in the loss of his wife's life.

Illinois pedestrian killed by Metra train

Illinois residents that rely on mass transit for work commuting may do so for a variety of reasons. Some of the more commonly cited reasons include reducing monthly gasoline expenses, avoiding parking fees, staying away from the stress of commuter traffic, and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

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