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Slow speed may have caused truck accident in Illinois

Drivers should always be mindful of their speed when driving on the road, especially when driving on interstate highways where, in most cases, drivers end up driving too fast. However, there are other times when a motorist will drive too slowly, which can also result in a collision. This is what appears to have happened in a recent truck accident in Illinois.

Illinois car accident results in fatality

During nice weather, many individuals enjoy long road trips and driving around town to meet some friends. Automobiles have provided a convenience to get from one place to another in a matter of minutes. However, it only takes a minute to make a wrong choice while driving on the road, and as a result, a car accident could quickly occur.

Fatal car accident in Edwardsville, Illinois

One person was left dead after a tragic car accident in the Edwardsville area of Illinois. The car accident occurred in the early hours of the morning and involved three different vehicles. One woman was declared dead at the scene, and at least one other driver or passenger was taken for medical treatment at a local facility.

Illinois car accident results in multiple injuries

Owning and operating a vehicle are responsibilities that no individual should take for granted. Sadly, if an individual becomes distracted while driving, a serious accident could take place. Recently, a car accident in Illinois left two people injured.

Illinois car accident injures adult and children

Automobile drivers will most likely be spending more time sightseeing around town enjoying the warm weather since spring is here. This is a time of the year when some drivers may not keep their full focus on the road. Unfortunately, some people take the risk of drinking and driving. Regardless of any circumstances, a person must be as careful as possible while driving. A recent car accident in Illinois has left one adult and multiple children injured.

Illinois car accident leaves one dead

Traveling in a vehicle can provide a quick and enjoyable way to commute from one location to another. Unfortunately, failure to observe one's surroundings and traffic signs could significantly increase the likelihood of being involved in an unexpected crash. In the aftermath of a traffic accident, an investigation by authorities can help determine if negligence was a factor. Sadly, a recent car accident in the state of Illinois has left one person dead.

Child dead after Illinois car accident

When someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, he or she must have patience and stay attentive while driving. If an individual loses focus while driving, a car accident could be the result. A recent car accident in Illinois has left one dead and others injured.

Illinois car accident kills woman yards from where twin died

Every person deserves to drive their vehicle without worrying about getting in a car accident. Unfortunately, one family experienced a deja vu moment 18 years after a fatal accident claimed the life of one of their twin daughters. Another Illinois car accident killed the second of their daughters just yards away from the earlier collision, and left another person injured during this heart-wrenching event.

Illinois car accident injures four

While driving around town, a person needs to exercise caution as car accidents can happen without a moment's notice. Concerned that a traffic accident could lead to car damages and injuries, one must attempt to drive safely at all times. However, some accidents are unavoidable. A car accident near a hospital in Illinois leaves four individuals hurt.

Car accident claims the life of Illinois man

Driving in the winter often means driving when road conditions are less than favorable. Drivers are responsible for taking negative weather into account and adjusting their driving to suit such conditions. Unfortunately, not all drivers make the necessary adjustments for driving during inclement weather and accidents often result. Sadly, a recent car accident occurred during snowy weather in Illinois and is responsible for claiming the life of one man.

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