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Head-on car accident results in death in Illinois

One of the most important rules of the road is to maintain one's lane when driving. This can help to prevent vehicle collisions, which can result in injury or even prove to be deadly in some cases. Unfortunately, this may have been the case in a recent fatal car accident in Illinois.

Wrong-way driver causes car accident in Illinois

There are many ways an accident on the road can occur. Some types of crashes can be more serious than others. While there are times when an incident only results in a small dent in a car, there are other times when the risk of injury is far greater. This is the case when a car accident is caused by a head-on collision in Illinois.

Auto accident kills 2 teens in Illinois

Experience counts for something. This is true for many aspects in life, especially when it comes to driving a motor vehicle. Younger drivers tend to have a higher chance of having an accident due to their limited time spent behind the wheel. Tragically, this may have played a role in the deaths of two teenagers in a recent auto accident in Illinois.

Illinois fatal car accident claims 1 victim; other crash claims 2

Knowing is half the battle, as the saying goes. However, many times it takes time to piece together what really happened in a car accident. This seems to be the case in a recent car accident -- one of two in the same area of Illinois on the same day -- that resulted in injury and death.

2 nuns die in car accident in Illinois

It is important for motorists to ensure they are physically able to operate their vehicles. This means they need to be fully aware, with all of their attention on the task at hand. Failure to do this can result in a serious safety hazard which can cause a vehicle collision. This seems to be what may have happened in a recent car accident in Illinois which proved to be fatal.

Woman loses her life in car accident during police chase

After being in critical condition for a week, a 42-year-old woman passed away from the injuries she suffered in a car accident. The Illinois car accident occurred as three robbery suspects were attempting to make a getaway from the police. The woman was reportedly an active community member and soccer player.

Witness believes speed a factor in fatal Illinois car accident

Recently, a single car accident occurred on Illinois State Highway 109. A witness believes the driver of that car was speeding since the vehicle quickly left his line of sight. When the vehicle he was in came upon the car accident, it was clear that both the driver and passenger were injured.

Illinois auto accident leaves 1 person dead

Each day, thousands of Illinois residents travel along its interstate system. These roads are shared by small cars, midsize sedans, SUVs, pick-up trucks and semi-trucks. While some drivers adhere to the posted speed limit, others choose to drive either below or above this speed limit. When a driver does choose to drive in excess of the speed limit, the possibility of a serious auto accident also escalates.

Police claim Illinois man causes fatal car accident

Driving home from work on a Tuesday afternoon, the typical Illinois motorist is probably thinking about what’s for dinner and the work awaiting him or her in the office the next morning. This driver is probably paying attention to surrounding traffic, red lights and other traffic signs. It may be expected that another driver will change lanes without looking carefully or that a light will suddenly change, indicating the need to quickly put on the brakes. A driver fleeing from police, crashing into one’s car and allegedly causing a fatal car accident is usually not an expected occurrence.

Fatal Illinois auto accident kills 3, injures 1

Several Illinois families are reeling this week after a terrible crash that killed three people and injured a fourth. Coming to terms with the sudden loss of a loved one is difficult, especially when that loss may have been preventable. As police continue to investigate this fatal auto accident, those affected will wait to learn whether this crash could have been avoided. Until then, they are likely focused on making the final arrangements for their loved ones, and beginning to adjust to the day-today details of their loss.

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