Highway Accidents

High speed limits and heavy traffic make highways a dangerous environment. One negligent driver could leave you severely injured. If you have been a victim of a highway accident, you need a good lawyer on your side.

At The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles, P.C., we have been serving the people of Peoria, Bloomington and Galesburg, Illinois, since 1962. With our background in personal injury, we know what it takes to hold the at-fault party accountable; in the past 10 years, we have recovered more than $100 million on behalf of our clients in verdicts and settlements.

Causes Of Highway Accidents

Determining what caused your collision is an important step in identifying the parties responsible. Our attorneys conduct a full investigation, looking for any of the following factors:

  • Sleep deprivation: This is common with long-distance drivers such as truck drivers.
  • Environmental conditions: Inclement weather and unexpected road conditions cause dangerous situations.
  • Auto defects: The manufacturer may have made a design error that led to the accident or ignored consumer reports of mechanical failures.
  • Distracted driving: The driver at fault may have been drinking, eating, playing with the radio, talking with a passenger or looking at something outside the window.
  • Speed: Speed is often cited in highway crashes as drivers underestimate their car’s ability to stop when other vehicles suddenly slow down.
  • Inebriation: It is estimated that drivers under the influence of alcohol are responsible for thousands of crashes every year.

Additionally, our investigators check to see if the other driver was violating Illinois’ ban on handheld cellphone use and texting. Once we have determined the cause of your accident, we use this information to prove the validity of your claim and collect the appropriate amount of compensation you are entitled to for your loss of income, medical care, and pain and suffering.

Learn Your Rights

It is important for you to understand your rights as an injured victim. Call to schedule a free case evaluation with our Peoria office at 309-673-5144, our Bloomington office at 309-673-5144, our Galesburg office at 309-673-5144 or toll free at 309-673-5144. We can also be reached through our online form.