Dog Bites & Animal Attacks

If serious or disfiguring injuries from a dog attack in your neighborhood or a public park in Central Illinois have brought nothing but misery — physical pain and emotional trauma, hospital bills and lost wages — the Peoria lawyers who get results in these kinds of personal injury claims for clients throughout the region can be found at The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles.

At The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles, P.C., also serving clients in Bloomington and Galesburg, our legal team knows how to investigate an animal attack, confront a negligent dog owner’s insurers with the facts of your case, pursue compensation from a homeowner’s liability or renter’s insurance policy if necessary, and aggressively litigate in your best interests if the situation warrants it.

We proudly serve persons injured in accidents caused by negligence, and families struggling with devastating wrongful death tragedies — and have since 1962. Over the past 10 years alone, we have recovered more than $100 million for our clients. To arrange your free initial consultation, conducted at your home or a hospital room if you wish, contact us.

The contingency fee basis for our work means you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

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Most domestic pets are bred and trained to be safe around people and children. However, some owners don’t seem to care if their animals are obedient and respectful to humans. They raise their dogs to be vicious, frequently causing animal bites and dog attacks on unsuspecting visitors, delivery persons and postal carriers.

If you or your child was injured from a dangerous animal or dog bite — and most victims of dog bites are defenseless children — Goldfine & Bowles attorneys will work as a team to help you obtain maximum compensation you deserve to defray medical bills, lost wages, and your pain and suffering.

Don’t allow a dog bite to scar you psychologically for years or make you afraid of animals. You can fight back and ensure that your short-range and long-term legal and emotional issues are addressed by contacting The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles, P.C.

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