Stairways And Handrails

Holding Property Owners Responsible For Defective Stairways And Handrails

When a person slips on a staircase or trips while walking, their initial instinct is to brush themselves off, hope nobody noticed and go on their way. Most of the time, there’s not much else that can be done — but in cases where the fall and subsequent injury are due to the negligence of another who’s responsible for keeping an area safe, you might be entitled to monetary damages.

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious injury involving a stairway or handrail that was defective or in disrepair, The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles, P.C., can help. We have been representing clients in premises liability cases in Peoria, Bloomington, Galesburg and throughout central Illinois since 1962, and we have the legal skills you need to prevail in this complex area of the law.

Common Causes Of Dangerous Conditions

When someone is injured due to unsafe or dangerous conditions on property, one of the more frequent locations this can occur is a poorly maintained staircase. Staircases can become dangerous in a number of ways, including situations where:

  • Stairs become unstable due to age
  • Outdoor stairs are subjected to weather conditions that make them unsafe, wet or icy
  • The handrail for the staircase is damaged or loosened
  • A staircase known to be in disrepair is not properly blocked off with barriers or warning signs

At The Law Offices of Goldfine & Bowles, P.C., we have extensive experience in cases relating to hazardous property conditions. Our dedicated, compassionate attorneys understand the pain and suffering that can occur when you are injured on property that should have been safeguarded by someone else.

Helping Clients Recover After An Accident

Premises liability cases can be stressful without a lawyer who understands the nuances of premises liability law and the rights of the injured party. If you have been injured due to the negligence of property owners on private, public or commercial property — and you have accrued medical bills, been forced to take time off work or lost income — we can help you get back on your feet.

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