What Are the Steps of a Personal Injury Claim in Illinois?

April 23, 2024


You may have suffered a horrific injury that’s changed your life, requiring you to adapt to a new routine or lifestyle. In addition to physical pain, you may feel distraught and hopeless, trying to remember what your pre-injury life was like. You may suspect you have a personal injury claim but want to know more about it. […]

Do You Need an Attorney After a Rear-End Accident?

October 6, 2023

Auto Accidents

Car Accidents

Those sudden collisions from behind can be jarring and immensely stressful. They form around 29 percent of crashesoccurring every year in the US. Often, victims find themselves in a situation where there’s no way to anticipate or avoid such accidents. There is usually substantial vehicle damage and severe injuries.  After such an incident, you need an […]

The Most Common Dangerous Driving Practices

September 12, 2023

Auto Accidents

Car Accidents

You take on an immense responsibility when you get behind the wheel – and you also face considerable risk. While car accidents come in many different forms and can cause immense damage, you may be surprised to learn that most are the result of common dangerous driving practices that fall into several basic categories. If […]