Distracted driving can be a cause of truck accidents

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December 13, 2018

Truck drivers spend days on the open road. Mile after mile, state after state, they must stay alert to avoid collisions with other motor vehicles and to prevent themselves from becoming unsafe through exhaustion or distraction. In Illinois and throughout the country, truck drivers and other commercial vehicle drivers are prohibited from using cellphones and other electronic devices that can take their eyes off the roads while they drive.

Under regulations promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, truck drivers may not send messages or make phone calls if doing so require them to push more than one button on their handheld devices. If a device requires them to use a keyboard, enter passwords or otherwise engage in multiple button pushes, it is not permissible for commercial drivers to use the device.

Truck drivers can take proactive steps to prevent handheld device distractions from causing them to create dangerous on-the-road situations. Drivers should find their devices prior to driving and enable any hands-free options that are needed to do one push or no push communication. Additionally, drivers who are able to use ear pieces and voice commands may completely avoid the need to touch their phones in order to stay connected while on the road.

A distracted driving truck accident can be devastating to victims and their loved ones. Handheld devices should not be used by commercial drivers, and those who do use them can be penalized for their actions. Victims of truck accidents and distracted driving accidents may want to learn more about their legal options for pursuing damages.